We get it, every client looking to organize a special night likes to hear that we are are client orientated, deliver custom made acts and are able to meet any entertainment question one might have.

WE ARE an agency on a mission to turn some things around. Not another calibrated over rehearsed act for whom your special event is just another number, artists who arrive to late because they feel to good to perform, or another overvalued hitmaking artist who doesnt do justice do your special event entertaining and energy wise. As one artist to another in the dressing room this is how we have seen boring (company) parties fail from the very essence. We like to think that you will hire us to make a difference, to set the mood professionally and well thought out on that oh so special night for you. You assume that we know exactly what we are doing and we love to show you how!

Thinking from the perspective of the people who are going to entertain and take care of your guests this evening! Because that’s where it starts when it comes to the atmosphere, the mood, that special feeling you have when you know the party is lit, or not. The right artist in the right place in the right mood. What we have experienced for the past 15 years is that when the artists are having a good time, when there’s is a genuine laughter on stage, the guests will have a good time and the client can be happy: job well done.

My father half jokingly used to say there’s 3 sorts of people on this planet: entrepreneurs, employees and musicians. Artists are free spirits, unbound and unrestrained at their best. Managing these gems is a serious affair. The translation from client need to artistic performance is an often underestimated delicate one. With more than 15 years of experience this is our field of expertise. We have SELECTED wonderful artists and created unique concepts which we will match them against your need and location. We will guide the process from application until after the performance and we’re content only when all 3 parties (artists, guests, client) have had a great time. WE’RE IN IT FOR THE LONG TERM!